broad request for suggestions: recent Japanese films

Michael E Kerpan kerpan at
Sat Sep 23 17:49:02 EDT 2006

On Saturday 23 September 2006 16:31, Mark Mays wrote:

Certainly Imamura is an essential director -- with worthwhile work during 
every decade of his long career.  From the 80s, his "Eijanaika" is great fun 
-- and "Black Rain" is wrenching.

Yoji Yamada's "Home From the Sea" and "The Yellow Handkerchief" are excellent 
("popular" -- rather than "art") movies of the 70s.

Kohei Oguri's "Muddy River" from the early 80s is worth checking out.

Shinji Somai (who died too young) left the interesting "Typhoon Club" from the 
80s and the wonderful "Ohikkoshi" (Moving) from the early 90s -- with one of 
the best child's performance ever (by young Tomoko Tabata -- just now 
beginning to come into her own as a grown-up star).

And there are an immense number of wonderful films from the past decade.


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