chance to sub five films

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By the way, Somai's Sailor Suit and Machine Gun (Sailor fuku to kikanju) 
will be released by IVL on R3 DVD this november.
If i am not wrong it is the second release of a Somai film outside of Japan 
on DVD, besides Wait and See (Ah haru). Hopefully there is going to be 


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>> However, I'd note that Michael has done Hawai, Mare okikaisen, and Hara 
>> Kazuo tells me some outfit is about to release an English-subbed Extreme 
>> Private Eros on DVD soon.
> I had heard about Hara as well. But since I also knew about Michael's 
> subtitling of Hawaii, perhaps his version could be used by Minnesota to 
> actually produce a version more accessible to all? I guess I am still not 
> quite sure how to respond to this request because I don't know what is 
> going to be produced and how.
>> It's a good idea to check what's out there before you invest your time 
>> and money!
> Yes. For  instance, several have suggested Somai, a director who 
> definitely needs to be seen more and more often (he would be the first 
> director I would suggest to Lewis when asking about post 1970s films), but 
> most of his films have been subtitled for the various retros that have 
> been done of him recently. Typhoon Club, which is my favorite of his 
> films, is relatively easy to get with subtitles through the JF (we showed 
> it last year at Yale).
> Aaron 

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