chance to sub five films

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Stefan (or anyone else),
  You said Shinji Somai's Wait and See (Aa haru) had been released on DVD  outside Japan? Can you tell me where, and with what sort of subtitles,  and where it can be bought?

Stefan Nutz <nuzumaki at> wrote:  By the way, Somai's Sailor Suit and Machine Gun (Sailor fuku to kikanju) 
will be released by IVL on R3 DVD this november.
If i am not wrong it is the second release of a Somai film outside of Japan 
on DVD, besides Wait and See (Ah haru). Hopefully there is going to be 


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>> However, I'd note that Michael has done Hawai, Mare okikaisen, and Hara 
>> Kazuo tells me some outfit is about to release an English-subbed Extreme 
>> Private Eros on DVD soon.
> I had heard about Hara as well. But since I also knew about Michael's 
> subtitling of Hawaii, perhaps his version could be used by Minnesota to 
> actually produce a version more accessible to all? I guess I am still not 
> quite sure how to respond to this request because I don't know what is 
> going to be produced and how.
>> It's a good idea to check what's out there before you invest your time 
>> and money!
> Yes. For  instance, several have suggested Somai, a director who 
> definitely needs to be seen more and more often (he would be the first 
> director I would suggest to Lewis when asking about post 1970s films), but 
> most of his films have been subtitled for the various retros that have 
> been done of him recently. Typhoon Club, which is my favorite of his 
> films, is relatively easy to get with subtitles through the JF (we showed 
> it last year at Yale).
> Aaron 

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