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Sun Sep 10 19:36:43 EDT 2006

Dear all,

I am currently looking for informations about Hani 70/80?s documentary &
writing. I heard that after directing ?Mio? (and later, after ?Africa Tales? in
1981), he left the ?movie world? to focus on ?pedagogy and TV-works?. Did his Tv
works still focus on the ?innocent youth? or did they explore different & new

I found the following works which are not credited on the IMDB:

-	Doubutsu Kazoku (Animal Family) 197 ? (prequel to Africa Tales?)
-	Yogen (Prophecy)  1982  & Rekishi : Kaku Kyoran no Jidai : both dealing about
nuclear bomb
-	Yumei to Maho no Kuni : Tokyo Disunerando 1983. About Disneyland Tokyo

These titles seem to indicate that Hani try to deal with rather new themes. Can
anyone complete or comment this list?

Is Hani still active in the ?TV world??


Martin Vieillot

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