Yamada Youji Talk

Kukhee Choo qq59507
Sat Sep 23 00:57:16 EDT 2006

Since the topic of Yamada Youji came out, I would like to announce the following event. 

There will be a free talk by Yamada this Wednesday at the University of Tokyo. 
The talk is sponsored by Asahi Newpaper and the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo.  
If any of you are interested, the information is as followed. 

?Date: September 27 (Wed), 2:30 p.m. ~ 4:30 p.m.

?Location: University of Tokyo Hongo Campus, Engineering Build #2 (Nigokan), Room 213 (Large Hall, 200 people)

Kukhee Choo
Doctoral Candidate
Japanese Popular Media
University of Tokyo

>Well, here is the time for my two cents.
>Lewis, you are right:  there are very few if any films of the standard or 
>quality of the films produced 1970 and before.  The masters kept on making 
>films, but, as with the preceding generation, the films were not their best 
>work. Film began to reemerge in Japan in the '90s.  Others can speak for the 
>last thirty years.  But if you want a really good film based on popular 
>literature, get Yamada Youji's _Tasogare Seibei_ based on stories by Fujisawa 
>Shuhsei.  One of them, "The Bamboo Blade," has been translated and is 
>available in an anthology from Tuttle.
>I'll be including a very long chapter on traditional narrative in TS in my 
>upcoming book, which I promise to send to the publisher at the end of the 
>Sybil Thornton
>Associate Prof., Premodern Japanese History

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