Mizoguchi -- what else survives?

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Sun Sep 24 10:38:30 EDT 2006

On 2006.9.24, at 02:29  PM, Alexander Jacoby wrote:

> (the name of the co-director, who is little-known, has momentarily 
> eluded me however)

The JMDB lists it as Takashima Tatsunosuke, with that being his only 
film listing as director. The JMDB includes Mizoguchi's name, but I 
wonder what Saso Tsutomu thinks. Saso is Japan's foremost authority on 
Mizoguchi, but the film is not listed in the filmography credited to 
Saso in the catalog of the current Mizoguchi retro in Japan (though 
maybe the editors are working with out of date material). 
Unfortunately, Saso's multivolume filmography of Mizoguchi's work is 
only up to 1926 and volume four (this, by the way, is ESSENTIAL 
material for any library or researcher on Mizoguchi).


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