Tamizo Ishida and the end of the Shogunate

Alexander Jacoby a_p_jacoby
Wed Sep 27 02:25:58 EDT 2006

Dear all,
  A query about Tamizo Ishida, director of the splendid Fallen Blossoms /  Hana chirinu - an account of life in a geisha house at the time of  conflict heralding the fall of the Shogunate. Mukashi no Uta / Old  Songs is set not long after, in the early Meiji Period; ditto Hanabi no  machi; and Asagiri gunka is another Bakumatsu era story. Can anyone  who's seen them confirm if Yoru no hato / Night Dove and Keshoyuki have  the same sort of historical setting. A bit of information about the  plots would be exceedingly helpful too! Likewise, does anyone know  anything about his last and only postwar film?

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