Japanese Cinema for Busy People lecture series, London, UK

J.sharp j.sharp
Tue Aug 14 14:03:30 EDT 2007

During October and November this year, the Japan Foundation UK will be
hosting a series of six lectures aimed at introducing various aspects of
Japanese film history to general audiences.

The subjects are as follows:

10 October (Wed)  	Japanese cinema in the second golden age of the 1950s and

17 October (Wed) 	The rise of the exploitation film and the decline of the
studio system: Japanese cinema in the 1960s

24 October (Wed) 	Japanese cult culture: anime and fantasy

31 October (Wed) 	Japanese documentary film

7 November (Wed) 	The new wave of the 90s: new talent and new industry

14 November (Wed) 	Hitting with blockbusters: Japanese films and TV
companies and current trends of Japanese cinema

Lecturers include Helen McCarthy, Isolde Standish, Christopher Howard and
Reyne Denison.

I will be delivering two lectures, the ones on the
17 October and 31 October.

The lectures are all free.

For more details, check the website of the Japan Foundation UK:

Hope to see maybe some of you there.


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