History repeats?

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Thanks very much for reporting this- can you provide an online reference for
where this information was reported?



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> In what sounds like a curious repetition of the Nikkatsu Roman Porno
> censorship case, in which inspectors for Eirin, the film ratings board
> in Japan, were indicted in the early 1970s along with Nikkatsu
> filmmakers for violating censorship laws, the Asahi and other papers
> reported that Tokyo police have raided the offices of Biderin (Nihon
> Bideo Rinri Kyokai), the video industry's self-censorship arm, for
> aiding in the distribution of obscene materials by relaxing guidelines
> for applying mosaic to sex scenes in videos.
> We'll see what happens, especially with regard to the police tactic of
> arresting the censor for not censoring enough. But since AV doesn't
> have the critical and intellectual support Roman Porno does, I doubt we
> will see the uproar there was in the 1970s.
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