Raindance 2007 Festival Program Announced

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Fri Aug 31 05:18:44 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

This year?s Raindance festival, the 15th no less, has just announced its

The festival will be held in London, 25th September ? 7th October 2007, at
two venues: the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue (in the Trocadero Centre,
Picadilly) and the Rex Cinema (21 Rupert Street, below Planet Hollywood

As usual, I?ve been on hand for the Japanese section, and am pleased to
announce that the director Ruichi Hiroki will be present at the festival to
present no less than three of his films; ?M?, ?It?s Only Talk? and ?Bakushi:
The Incredible Lives of Rope-Masters?

Other UK premieres for Japanese films include:

The Amazing Lives Of The Fast Food Grifters: Mamoru Oshii?s latest animated
feature, a ?mockumentary? looking at Japan?s postwar history by way of fast
food, ?from MacArthur to McDonalds?

Prisoner (Terrorist): Masao Adachi?s controversial first feature in 35

What The Snow Brings: Kichitaro Negishi?s poignant drama set in the world of
Hokkaido heavy horse racing, and the runaway favourite at the 2005 Tokyo
Film Festival.

Yokohama Mary: Documentary about the mysterious Yokohama bag lady and former

Uncle?s Paradise: The latest weird and wonderful pink film from Shinji

Identity: Tetsuaki Matsue documentary about zainichi performers in the AV

Outside of the Japanese selection, there?s a small focus on other nation?s
industries that often don?t get much in the way of international

First off there?s the documentary ?This is Nollywood?, about the burgeoning
Nigerian industry. The film will be accompanied by Nigerian?s first 35mm
feature, The Amazing Grace, directed by Jeta Amata, telling the same
anti-slavery story as Michael Apted?s film of the same name from this year,
but from more of an African perspective. Executive Producer and lead actor
Nick Moran (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells) will introduce the

There?s also ?Turks in Space?, the Turkish sci-fi comedy and one of the
country?s biggest ever productions.

And there?s two very powerful documentaries by new Vietnamese-American
filmmakers exploring their families? pasts: ?Oh Saigon!? And ?Bolinao 52?

These are just a selection from the non-American and non-European features
and documentaries playing. As usual there?s a considerably richer spectrum
of films to pick from, so I hope some of you can make it.

Full details are on the Raindance website:

Midnight Eye: The Latest and Best in Japanese Cinema


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