What happened to...

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Hi Stefan,

According to the jmdb, his only other movie work is an 8mm 30-minute short
made at Waseda University, entitled GREY.

Tis all I know.

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> After going through my DVD-collection today, i
> stumbled over MIZU NO ONNA (Woman of Water) by Sugimori Hidenori and i
> could&nbsp;remember how i enjoyed this film. Then i did a little
> but wasn't able to track down any information on Sugimori. At least i
found out
> he did a short called "03+", which was screend at the Cineasia-Festival in
> Cologne. If i am right, which isn't - unfortunately - not always the case,
> Sugimori was a TV-commercial director. I thought Woman of Water, at least
from a
> visual point of view, was really good.
> If anybody knows more about Sugimori... please
> delight me!
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> best regards,
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> Stefan
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