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I don't know - I am still inclined to think that "Love Before Love" is OK in the sense of "Putting [One] Love Before [Another] Love". There is an early Shimizu film called "Koi yori butai e" which has been translated "Forsaking Love for the Stage", ie Putting the Stage Before Love.
  From Love to Love was the title I originally hit on, but I'm not convinced that it's accurate, unless the particle "yori" has some functions that I'm not aware of... Can anyone more fluent than I oblige?

Roland Domenig <roland.domenig at> wrote:
  I don't think that "Love Before Love" is an accurate translation. 
The story is about an unsuccessful writer whose parents are opposed to his marriage with a girl working as waitress. His sister tries to convince her parents that the girl is honest and a good match for her brother, but they won't listen. When the writer is offered a good job under the condition to break up with his girlfriend, an uncle presses the girl to break up with his nephew. The girl, who only cares about her lover's future, is willing to abandon him and sacrifice her love for his sake. The parents eventually learn about her sacrifice and finally give up their opposition and consent to their marriage. 
In 1963 NET broadcast a TV dramaseries with the same title, whose English title was "To Love, With Love". Other possible translations would be "From Love, To Love" or "To Love By Love".

Roland Domenig
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Thank you Alex

The plot of the film suggests that it is important that families _accept_ this 
modern notion of falling in love (and getting married -- despite lack of 
paternal authorization). Like some of the other Shimazu films of the latter 
30s, it seems to very much foreshadow themes of 1950s Ozu (in this case, 
"Equinox Flower").

Does this provide any additional clues as to what the title might mean?



On Sunday 25 February 2007 15:32, Alexander Jacoby wrote:
> I've not seen the film, so don't know the story. But is it perhaps implying
> that one form of love (eg, familial) should come before another form (eg,
> romantic). If so, we could go for "Love Before Love", which is what I chose
> to write in my Shimazu filmography.
> "Michael E. Kerpan" wrote:
> Yasujiro Shimazu's "Ai yori ai e" doesn't seem to have an established
> English translation. I'm guessing it means something like "Being in love is
> better than love". Any suggestions as to what exactly this means (might it
> be some sort of folk aphorism?)
> Boston
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