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yori can have different meanings: (1) from; out of; since; than; (2) other than; (3) more; (4) more than.

Alex, I still have reservations against your interpretation of the title. My feeling is that the yori in "Ai yori ai e" has a different meaning than the yori in "Koi yori butai e". The former I'd say corresponds to (1), the latter to (3) or (4). I doubt that in the 1930s the term "ai" was used to refer to the love to one's family, especially the parents - that would have been "kô" or "oyakôkô" (filial piety). 

Michael, Minako in the film works as a so-called jokyû, which can be translated waitress or hostess. 


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I don't know - I am still inclined to think that "Love Before Love" is OK in the sense of "Putting [One] Love Before [Another] Love". There is an early Shimizu film called "Koi yori butai e" which has been translated "Forsaking Love for the Stage", ie Putting the Stage Before Love.
  From Love to Love was the title I originally hit on, but I'm not convinced that it's accurate, unless the particle "yori" has some functions that I'm not aware of... Can anyone more fluent than I oblige?

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