Something Wiki this way comes (NY Times article, February 21)

Joseph Tomei jtomei at
Mon Feb 26 19:13:53 EST 2007

A colleague and I use wikis in our ESL classes, and have just  
finished a brief article that will appear in the TESOL Essential  
Teacher publication. I'm not sure about attachments, and it is a bit  
far afield from the list topic, so I have sent a copy to Anne and am  
happy to send a copy to anyone else interested. Quick summary,  
teachers who want to use bigger wikis in class should try to create  
class wikis so they can understand the dynamics and challenges before  
letting students use 'name' wikis. This advice is probably not as  
important for native speakers interacting in their own language, but  
I think it still applies.

It might be worthwhile to set up a Japanese cinema wiki that would  
allow a little more detail than IMDB/Wikipedia. I'd be happy to help  
if others were interested.

joe tomei

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