JF Video Square

Mark Nornes amnornes
Wed Feb 7 09:58:10 EST 2007

The Japan Foundation has started a new webstreaming site.  There's  
not much there right now, but they'll be doing webcasts of their  
public symposia and PR clips on events they sponsor.

Judging from their bit on the Venice Otaku exhibit, the PR clips are  
exactly that. Extremely dull PR, filled with empty space and typical  
voice of God narration. Could be interesting if they let some young  
video artists loose to do the same thing! (I'm not waiting.)

However, they do hold some interesting symposia on film (occasional  
things like the Kinema Club in Tokyo, but also regular events  
programmed by Ishizaka Kenji and the rest of the film people). It  
will be great when we can check out those talks from afar.

Link below.



The Japan Foundation Email Magazine, No. 56 (February 7, 2006)
(Circulation: 6,578)

Dear Readers:

The Japan Foundation has launched a new website, JF Video Square, to
provide visual information about its activities. The video clips--
which will introduce the Japan Foundation and its programs and cover
seminars, symposiums, and other activities--will be uploaded as they
become available, or as they clear copyrights. Most of the video clips
are in Japanese, but site navigation in English is now available.

Visitors can listen to live Japanese at home through their computers.
We invite you to take a look.



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