AW: Shimazu title translation

Michael E. Kerpan mekerpan
Sun Feb 25 17:47:53 EST 2007

Dear Roland --

Thanks so much for the detailed (it's only a 60 or so minute film, after all) 

What role does the comparative particle "yori" play in the title? 

I have been surprised to see Shimazu was making proto-Ozu films long before 
Ozu started to make what we commonly think of as "Ozu films".   ;~}

Dear Alex --

I'm not working on any specific project -- other than trying to get some 
familiarity with one of the neglected masters of early Japanese cinema.  I 
would love to see these subbed -- but all I have been able to track down are 
copies of the (now out-of-print)uUnsubbed Japanese videos.  I'd love to see 
your filmography.


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