Jim Harper jimharper666
Tue Feb 27 09:01:25 EST 2007

That's an excellent point Jasper raises. I know some
of my work has found it's way on to Wikipedia, because
there are two entries (written by the same person, I
suspect) where the author was kind enough to include
the extracts from one of my books as quotes, fully and
correctly attributed. But I don't have the time to
search the entire database to find out what else of
mine was on there. I know some kind souls scoured back
issues of Dark Side magazine and tracked down the
extensive quotes they were 'appropriating', but it's a
task of mammoth proportions. As Jasper says, few
people are getting rich from writing about movies, so
any dent in our earnings is an issue, but it would
also simply be polite to include the footnotes saying
exactly where you got your information from. At least
it would give a little extra publicity to the people
who created the material in the first place.

Sorry for the ranting/rambling there!

Jim Harper.

--- "" < at> wrote:

> Speaking as someone who ekes out an incredibly
> tenuous living writing about
> Japanese film, I am very concerned about the bulk of
> the entries that
> paraphrase, and in the worst case downright
> plagiarise entries from me and
> Tom's Midnight Eye Guide or the website without
> giving due credit, and I
> would dare say that there are a number of other
> writers on this list whose
> book sales are probably going to be hit as well.

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