Anybody got a catalogue to hand for the 1967 New York Film Festival?

Stephen asianfilmlibrary at
Thu Jun 28 05:10:02 EDT 2007

According to the New York Film Festival's website, they showed Kuri  
Yoji's animation short CRAZY MURDER in 1967 at their fifth edition:

I'm guessing CRAZY MURDER is SATSUJIN-KYO JIDAI, having found a  
reference to this Japanese title on a DVD collection of Kuri Yoji's  

The film doesn't appear to get a mention in Kuri's entry (p289-290)  
in Kinema Junpo 1997 reference to film directors (but perhaps I'm  
looking for the wrong title in Japanese).

However, in 1967, Okamoto Kihachi's THE AGE OF ASSASSINS (SATSUJIN- 
KYO JIDAI) was released in Japan, written with the same kanji.  This  
just sounds like too much of a coincidence.

1. So, can anyone confirm that CRAZY MURDER played in 1967 in New York?
2. Is CRAZY MURDER known as SATSUJIN-KYO JIDAI in Japanese?  What  
year was it produced?
3. Did THE AGE OF ASSASSINS in fact play the New York Film Festival  
in 1967?
4. Did Kuri Yoji work on THE AGE OF ASSASSINS, for example doing the  
title sequence..

Thanks in advance!

Stephen Cremin

PS: Charlie Chaplin's MONSIEUR VEDOUX was also released in Japan as  
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