Kawase Naomi in Osaka

Stephen asianfilmlibrary
Thu Jun 7 12:46:33 EDT 2007

According to an article published on Screen International's website  
on Tuesday, THE MOURNING FOREST (Mogari no mori) has at the moment  
only sold to France, Spain, Israel and CIS (seven former Soviet  
Republics in Commonwealth of Independent States).

The international sales company is the Dreamachine (Paris) - recently  
formed with the merging of Celluloid Dreams and Hanway - who you  
should contact for screening rights.  However, I suspect they'll hold  
back the North American premiere for a prestigious festival like New  
York or Toronto.

Dreamachine Contact:
Email: info at celluloid-dreams.com
Tel: +33 1 49 70 03 70

Person in charge of North American Operations is Charlotte Mickie:
Email: charlotte at celluloid-dreams.com
Tel: +1 416 364 5039

Best of luck.

Stephen Cremin

On Jun 7, 2007, at 5:41 PM, Peter Grilli wrote:

> Does anyone know whether Kawase's new film "Mogari no Mori" has a U.S.
> distributor yet?
> Is a print or DVD of the film available in the U.S. for public  
> screenings?
> If so, where can one get it?
> Peter Grilli
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> Dear KineJapan-ers,
> With belated introduction to follow, I thought I'd follow up on this
> earlier message to let those who don't already know that Kawase  
> will be in
> Kansai again on July 1st, this time at Osaka's Planet Plus One  
> Cinema.  In
> addition to the director's talk she'll give that day, Planet Plus  
> One will
> be doing a really large showcase of Kawase's work, planned already  
> before
> the run at Cannes (information in Japanese at
> http://www.planetplusone.com/special/post_2.php).  Note that at  
> least the
> print of Kaleidoscope (1999) will be shown with English subs.
> For any who missed A Page of Madness in Tokyo a few months ago,  
> there will
> also be another opportunity to see it when the Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto
> Bunka Hakubutsukan) screens it June 28th and 30th
> (http://www.bunpaku.or.jp/exhi_film.html).
> With respect to my introduction, I am a graduate student in  
> Comparative
> Literature at the University of California in Irvine focusing on body
> genre cinema, feminist theory and Japanese cultural production  
> (especially
> postwar cinema).  Currently at work on my master's project, I am  
> looking
> at Takashi Miike's Imprint, considering the critical work of
> representations of (extreme) violence and the ethics of reading (esp.
> "Japaneseness").  At the moment I'm at Kobe University for one  
> semester
> doing research involving obscenity law (related tangentially to the  
> Miike
> project through a question of bodies, bounds, and censorship).
> Yorosiku onegaisimasu,
> Kim
>> FYI.
>> I incidently came across the information that Kawase Naomi will be  
>> giving
>> a
>> talkshow at Osaka Museum of History (http://www.mus- 
>> his.city.osaka.jp/)
>> this
>> Saturday. It begins with a screening of her earlier Cannes Golden  
>> Camera
>> winner "Moe no suzaku" at 12:00 followed by her talk at 13:50. No
>> admissions
>> between the two parts.
>>    Best,
>> Christian M. Hermansen
>> Kwansei Gakuin University
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