film events in Tokyo this summer -sono ichi / Gandara Sekai Eigasai

Jonathan M. Hall jmhall
Thu Jun 7 23:10:26 EDT 2007

Dear KineJapanners,

In response to Markus' query about interesting film-related events  
this summer, I thought I'd mention the 2nd Gandara Sekai Eigasai that  
is happening at Uplink Factory from 18 June to 1 July.  Titled  
"Utsukushii kuni e" (Towards a Beautiful Country) in reference to PM  
Abe's recent speech.  The series is associated with documentarian  
Mori Tatsuya (A and A2),  who leads regular teach-ins at Uplink, and  
offers a lot of political critique through film of Abe's rhetoric,  
international neoliberalism, and current social problems in Japan  
from Marxist, anarchist, and other perspective.  Please see for more details.  There are 4 programs (A-D), the  
last of which contains some of the best films from last year's festival.


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