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Sun Jun 17 19:06:35 EDT 2007

The Mandarake in Umeda is on Hankyu Higashi Dori. It is about 4 blocks down this seedy shotengai from its opening next to Avanti beside the Hankyu department store now under renovation. This is an incredible Mandarake that is actually larger than the others including the Nakano and Shibuya stores in Tokyo. Although it does have a DVD section its real strength is used manga, current to early stuff from the 50s and 60s. Although it is very well organized, there are so many categories and subcategories that it is best to ask the very skilled staff if you are looking for specific titles. Prices are generally quite good except for the oldest and rarest items. 
Used DVD stores are found in some concentration in the socalled "Denden" town between Ebisu and Nihonbashi subway stations. They are stuck in corners all over the area. Selection is so-so but the prices are often great in the smaller stores.
Good hunting!
Paul Berry

>If any of our members know a few good used book stores that specialize
>in Manga and Japanese DVDs, please let me know. As long as they are in
>the Kansai region, I am willing to travel there, but if there are
>stores near Osaka or Kyoto stations, that would be great.
>Thanks kindly,
>Tsuneko Iwai
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