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"Because of You," a heartwarming film based on a script by the  
novelist Murakami Ryu, was largely filmed in NYC.  Here is info on  
the film:

Film: BECAUSE OF YOU (1995) [released in US?2000]

Created jointly by Nikkatsu Film Studios, TV Tokyo 12 and Bandai  
Visual Co?an international production

Written and Directed by Murakami Ry?, novelist and film maker, b. 1952-

Principal Characters/Actors (in order of appearance)

Ky?ko: Takaoka Saki (9 Japanese Best Actress Awards)

Jose Fernando Cortes: Carlos Osorio

Ralph: Scott Whitehurst

David: Bradford West

Pablo: Oscar Colon

Sergio: Mauricio Bustamente

The Kid: Angel Stephens

The party at ?The Big House?

The attackers

Mrs. Cortes

On Jun 20, 2007, at 3:15 PM, Michael McCaskey wrote:

> I've been looking for a fairly recent Japanese film set in NYC,  
> which is not a crime or detective film.
> I've come across "Last Love," a new film starring Tamura Masakazu-- 
> but it seems to be a Yoshi-type melodrama, and a DVD of it is not  
> likely to come out soon in any case.
> There's also another Tamura film, "Furuhata Ninzaburo: New York de  
> no Dekigoto" (1996), but it's a TV detective episode.
> I got Odagiri's "Hazard," but it's a crime film.
> I also got "Sakura Taisen New York NY," but it's way too cute for  
> my purposes.
> I would think there must be some good Japanese films set in NYC.  
> I'd even settle for an NYC episode within a film, like the Paris  
> ending of "Tokyo Tower." (I'm not necessarily saying that "Tokyo  
> Tower" is all that good itself.) Or a TV drama.
> I'm sure I've missed some, maybe many, Japanese films set in NYC,  
> and would appreciate information you might have about them.

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