Idiomatic meaning of "uwasa no"?

Wei Ting Jen intewig
Mon Jun 25 10:00:28 EDT 2007

I would personally go for "Rumour's Lady" or "Rumour's Daughter" i.e.
personifying "rumour".
Other possible alternatives: "The much gossiped-about", "The
talked-about", turning talkabout and gossipabout into adjectival

I would say "Talk of the town Tora" or "The talked-about Tora" is not
a bad translation because of the alliteration.

On 6/25/07, Massa Alice V. <kingyo02 at> wrote:
> Well, English is not my mother tongue, but rather than "rumor" I would go
> for something "to talk about" or "everybody is talking about".
> alice massa
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> >Subject: Idiomatic meaning of "uwasa no"?
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> >There are a number of films, that use "uwasa no" in their titles --
> including Mizoghi's "Uwasa no onna" and Naruse's "Uwasa no musume".  In
> both cases, the standard translation for "uwasa no" is the clunky "of the
> rumor".  My guess is that "uwasa" in this case is better translated as
> "gossip"  and "uwasa no" as something like "gossiped about". I note that
> the translation for Yamada's "Otoko wa tsurai yo: Uwasa no torajiro" is
> "Talk of the Town Tora-san" -- which w2ould seem to support my theory. ;~}
> >
> >Does any one here know of accurate, but more colloquial ways to render
> "uwasa no" in English?
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> >Thanks
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> >Michael Kerpan
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