Ichikawa's Manin Densha

Michael Kerpan mekerpan
Thu Jun 28 08:59:03 EDT 2007

I was watching the Japanese DVD (unsubbed) and thinking I was able to follow this reasonably well -- when the film suddenly turned very very weird.  Googling (and checking Quandt's Ichikawa book) turned up nothing but cursory plot summaries -- no detailed synopses or analytical discussions (at least not in English or French).  Does anyone know of any materials that might be useful in figuring this out a bit better? (I could have sworn I read an article that discussed this once upon a time ).

I also will be watching KI's "Ana" soon -- and I suspect that background materials on this are even more sparse. And this is one I know almost nothing about in advance.  ;~}


Michael Kerpan

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