Forest Stories

Gerard Kraus ggk05
Fri Jun 1 05:30:35 EDT 2007

Two of the films that haven't been mentioned yet are Otomo's recent
Mushishi (Very long and slow, maybe not too well suited for students) and
Nice no Mori (Funky Forest) of which not a lot plays in a forest.


> I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for
> stories
> that take place in the forest. Preferably not samurai stories. I'm not
> looking for anything too specific, but something closer to Tom Sawyer than
> Lord of the Flies. Ghost stories are fine. Kids lost in the woods,
> adventure, obstacles and tasks...stuff like that.  (It doesn't
> specifically
> have to be a Japenese story, but this is a Japanese film list.)
> I'm looking for both films and written stories, so whatever you've got (as
> long as there is an English translation) is cool.
> --
> -rob

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