prewar Japanese films set in film studios

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I can't spot quickly any mention of Ekisutora gaaru in Kinugasa's autobiography, but this might be more the work of the other credited director, YAMANE Mikito [?], who, according to JMDb, also made something called Matsuda eiga shohin shu (yuki) - is that 'A compilation of Matsuda out-takes in the snow' ??   Could these have been PR trailers, rather than full features ?  But who.or which Matsuda was famous at this time?

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> Since I seem to be spamming the mailing list anyway ... I should thank Faith
> Bach for answering my question about why there seem to be so few films set
> in film studios. I certainly agree that there are competing performance
> traditions in Japan that might attract this kind of reflexivity. There are
> indeed many very interesting films set in the theatre. But other countries
> also have backstage musicals, films about the theatre, dance, vaudeville,
> etc and still have space for the "operational aesthetic" of
> films-about-filming (Show People, Movie Mad, Shooting Stars, etc etc). In
> the light of this discussion of how actively Japanese films relied on
> audience awareness of other films in the 1930s (certainly a common feature
> of, for example, Hollywood film -- the vitaphone parody of Grand Hotel is
> hilarious!) I'm even more surprised that I can't think of any examples. 
> I do have one lead, which is also an example of a citational film title:
> shortly after Deanna Durbin's One Hundred Men and a Girl was released in
> Japan (the title was too racy so it was changed to Orchestra Girl -
> Okesutora no shojo) Shinko released the film Extra Girl (Ekisutora no
> shojo). There's also an earlier film, Ekisutora gaaru ... does anyone know
> if these are indeed films about films? Do they have sequences set in the
> film studio? Roland, do you have any more amazing nuggets of information?!
> Michael
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