Self-intro plus looking for Kurutta ichipeeji

Irena Hayter I.Hayter at
Wed Dec 17 08:50:43 EST 2008

Dear all,

I hope I can do without the formal jiko shoukai. I have just started
teaching at Leeds in the UK and am interested in the pre-war modernisms
(film, literature, visual culture in general ) and postwar avant-gardes
(again both verbal and visual, especially the politics of the body in
Oshima Nagisa and Oe Kenzaburo). I am keen on approaches which go beyond
traditional divisions between verbal and visual forms and relate them
instead to larger historical, representational and even epistemic
shifts...Anyway, I very foolishly put Kinugasa's Kurutta Ichipeeji in
the syllabus of one of the courses I will be teaching, without actually
having a copy of it and without even suspecting how difficult it is get
to hold of. I would be immensely grateful for any ideas as to where to
start looking - maybe it is still possible to find a second hand VHS
from obscure shops in Japan or somewhere on the internet?...I read on
Professor Gerow's website that a DVD will be finally released in 2009 -
again, will be grateful for details...

With best wishes


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