Self-intro plus looking for Kurutta ichipeeji

Geir Friestad geir at
Wed Dec 17 09:07:29 EST 2008

Quoting Irena Hayter (I.Hayter at
| I would be immensely grateful for any ideas as to where to start
| looking - maybe it is still possible to find a second hand VHS from
| obscure shops in Japan or somewhere on the internet?...I read on
| Professor Gerow's website that a DVD will be finally released in 2009 -
| again, will be grateful for details...

Your best bet until a proper dvd comes out (what wonderful news that
one is coming, by the way!) is most likely one of the cheap bootlegs
that some people offer. Like this one:

The quality is not great, but the dvd is watchable.

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