Self-intro plus looking for Kurutta ichipeeji

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Hello Irena,There's no official DVD release of the film currently, either in Japan or anywhere else in the world, even though it is technically in the public domain (though its soundtrack created in the 1970s when the film was rediscovered isnt). There was an old VHS release on New Yorker video ages ago, although I guess this can be described as "grey market", and it might be difficult to get hold of anyway nowadays.Depending on your budget and screening facilities, I think the best thing you can possibly do is contact the British Film Institute, who have a perfect 35mm print of the film in their archives which is lent out and screened in the UK fairly regularly - I saw it in Bristol about a year ago with an improvised soundtrack by the jazz drummer Birdman of Alkajazz, and it played in Frankfurt's Nippon Connection with a benshi last year. Perhaps while you have the film you should try and arrange a public screening in Leeds.One thing I always find interesting is that the BFI also have a copy of Kinugasa's second experimental effort, Crossroads, which I personally find a far easier watch than Page of Madness, and yet I cant think when the last time this ever got screened in the UK was. Perhaps no one seems to be aware how easy it is to get hold of here, which is a shame, because it has been unjustly overshadowed by Page of Madness. Perhaps you should take a look at this too.If you want to see it, you can easily arrange to view it at the BFI's premised in Stephen Street on their Steinbecks.BestJasper SharpMidnight Eye> Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 13:50:43 +0000> From: I.Hayter at> To: kinejapan at> Subject: Self-intro plus looking for Kurutta ichipeeji> > Dear all,> > I hope I can do without the formal jiko shoukai. I have just started> teaching at Leeds in the UK and am interested in the pre-war modernisms> (film, literature, visual culture in general ) and postwar avant-gardes> (again both verbal and visual, especially the politics of the body in> Oshima Nagisa and Oe Kenzaburo). I am keen on approaches which go beyond> traditional divisions between verbal and visual forms and relate them> instead to larger historical, representational and even epistemic> shifts...Anyway, I very foolishly put Kinugasa's Kurutta Ichipeeji in> the syllabus of one of the courses I will be teaching, without actually> having a copy of it and without even suspecting how difficult it is get> to hold of. I would be immensely grateful for any ideas as to where to> start looking - maybe it is still possible to find a second hand VHS> from obscure shops in Japan or somewhere on the internet?...I read on> Professor Gerow's website that a DVD will be finally released in 2009 -> again, will be grateful for details...> > With best wishes> > Irena> > Irena Eneva Hayter > > Lecturer in Japanese Studies> > Department of East Asian Studies University of Leeds > > Woodhouse Lane> Leeds LS2 9JT> T  0133 343 3415> F  0133 343 6741> > 
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