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Dear all,

Few month ago, with Emilie Cauquy, we wrote an article about Hiroko Govaers film poster collection. Mrs Govaers was a very good friend of a lot of filmmakers, such as Shuji Terayama... She was a kind of Lotte Eisner for japanese cinema and was a link between Japan and France, between Madame Kawakita and Langlois, too. 

In this collection, there are lot of posters for ATG, Tenjosajiki (masterpieces !!) and independent movies, but also for studios and every genres. Even if it is in french, you can see some pictures with name of the designers.

For Terry Jonson-Tonny Rodriguez and Gyakufunsha kazoku, I saw recently that the designer is in fact : Teruhiko Yumura, thanks to the very interesting book of Richard S. Thornton "Japanese Graphic Design" (ISBN : 1-85669-002-4)

Inside this bokk, there are lot of nice pictures including a great film poster of Takashi Kono for Shukujo to Hige (1931).

Cinematheque Francaise.
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