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Sarah Teasley s-teasley
Sat Dec 13 11:07:21 EST 2008

Dear Will and Martin,

I don't know of any compiled list of graphic designers for the ATG  
posters (I wish that I did!), but have the feeling that a little  
sleuthing in period graphic design magazines, graphic design annuals  
and published poster collections would turn up a number of posters  
and the names of the artists responsible for them.

A few that I can fill in for you, thanks to the catalogue for the  
1960-nendai Guraffizumu exhibition organized by the Printing Museum  
in Tokyo in 2002:

Shinjuku dorobo nikki: Design by Yokoo Tadanori

Bara no soretsu: Design by Asakura Setsu

Hatsukoi jigoku-hen: Design by Uno Akira

Ninja bugeicho: Design and art direction by Higaki Kiroku (Noriroku:  
??), illustration by Shirato Sanpei

Shinju-ten no amajima: Design by Awazu Kiyoshi

Rengoku eroika: Design by Higaki Kiroku (Noriroku?)

Nikudan: Design by Kuri Yoji

Dansei josei: Design by Toho Art Bureau

My guess, in general, would be that for many of the films, the staff  
member listed as "art director/ bijutsu" would have been responsible  
for the poster design. But perhaps not always?

All the best,

Sarah Teasley
Assistant Professor of Art History
Northwestern University
s-teasley at

On Dec 13, 2008, at 8:56 AM, wgardne1 at wrote:

> Martin,
> Since I happen to have some materials on this particular artist on  
> hand, I
> can confirm that the posters for Otoshiana, Shinju ten no amijima, and
> Himiko are by AWAZU Kiyoshi. Also, I am 99% sure that the poster for
> Shinjuku dorobo nikki is by YOKOO Takanori (who also acts in the  
> film). It
> would be interesting to have other info on graphic designers  
> involved with
> ATG (no doubt a who's who of Japanese graphic design).
> Incidentally, Awazu Kiyoshi has a well-produced website (in  
> Japanese and
> English) where you can view many of his poster designs and other  
> works.
> It's a fascinating cross-section of arts and culture of the 60's,  
> 70's and
> beyond (independent and studio films, underground theater,  
> publications,
> galleries, department stores, etc.).
> Will
> On Sat, December 13, 2008 05:09, eigagogo at wrote:
>> Will, Sarah,
>> thanks for your feedback!
>> Adding artist name would be indeed a valuable service ...  
>> unfortunately, i
>> don't
>> have these informations. However, if someone can provide me such
>> informations,
>> there's no problem to add them to these pages!
>> Regards,
>> Martin

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