film about suicide

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Couldn't it be a comedy with Jack Lemmon like "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" or "The Odd Couple" or...?
Sorry vor the vagueness... > Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 09:08:43 +0900> From: susanneschermann at> To: KineJapan at> Subject: film about suicide> > Dear all,> > I am trying to remember a - probably American - film about> suicide (for comparison with a Japanese film)> The hero tries to suicide himself, but he is always> disturbed by a ringing doorbell or some neighbor. > > I remember it as a comedy, however, I have completely> forgotten how it ended. I think the film was made in the> 1970s.> If anybody has come clue to give me, thank you in advance> > Susanne Schermann> 
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