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Dear Jerry,

I hope you plan onpost your list to KineJapan when you're done.  But,  
for some schools that you have probably already heard mentioned, let  
me suggest:

Nihon Daigaku (Ekota Campus)
has an excellent focus on criticism and production in the plastic  
arts and in film.  Matsumoto Toshio teaches there.

Japan Academy of Moving Images
Started in Yokohoma in 1976 by Imamura Shohei as the "Yokohama  
Broadcast and Film Vocational Institute" (Yokohama Hoso Eiga Senmon  
Gakuin).  In 1996, Sato Tadao became Institute Director.  The most  
longstanding and perhaps reputable of the film schools.

Tokyo Film Center School of Arts
Has very impressive, new facilities in the Nishi-Kasai section of  
eastern Tokyo.  Ties to the 4C animation studio.  The school's figure- 
head is actor/director Tsugawa Masahiko --- who plays Haruji in  
Crazed Fruit.  It's part of the Jikei group's network of vocational  
schools and is located next to Jikei's Tokyo School of Music. I  
should mention that the school has a partnership with my own home  
institution, UC Irvine.

United Television Broadcasting Academy

Yours sincerely,

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On Jun 14, 2008, at 9:41 AM, Jerry Turner wrote:

> I'm trying to compile a list of schools, universities, programs,  
> etc. in Japan that focus on filmmaking. If you know of one or all  
> off the top of your head, please shoot me a reply.
> Thanks

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