Eikoh HOSOE talk tomorrow + visiting dignitaries of the avant-garde (LACMA)

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Fri Jun 20 19:52:01 EDT 2008

Apologies for the lateness--the current heat wave in Los Angeles has made my
pace a bit lizard-like of late.

There is an exhibit of Eikoh HOSOE's photos opening this week at LACMA, in
LA. There will be a talk w/him and Hollis Goodall (Japanese dept. of LACMA)
at 2 Saturday at the museum.

For details, I'm passing on some info from John Solt, who says...

Eikoh is one of Japan's greatest living photographers, and has won numerous
> awards over his half-century career, including the prestigious Mainichi
> Photographer of the Year for 2008.
> Eikoh has been an active part of the avant-garde scene in Japan since the
> postwar period. His old books cannot be found at used book stores, only at
> auctions, and he tells me he can't even afford his own books anymore!
> In any case, it's a great thing for LA that he'll be coming to town for the
> exhibit arranged by LACMA astute curators Hollis Goodall (Japanese dept.)
> and Charlotte Cotton (photography dept.). The Japanese Pavilion has shown
> quality art over the years, but it's great that they are now also focusing
> on the 20th and 21st centuries, allowing viewers to see that Japanese
> culture is dynamic and not stuck in the wonders of ukiyo-e and then jumping
> to manga/anime without anything in between (this perception is prevalent in
> USA consciousness, but not in Japanese culture itself).
> Unfortunately, there will NOT be a reception following the conversation as
> I had imagined. However, feel free to introduce yourselves to Mr. Hosoe
> after the event.
> Fortunately, three other great avant-garde friends of Eikoh Hosoe's from
> Japan will also be flying in to grace his opening. They are: (1) the
> renowned butoh master Yoshito OHNO, flying in after a performance in
> Montreal; (2) Yoshie YOSHIDA, the great critic of art/dance/culture who has
> been closely associated with Yukio MISHIMA, Tatsumi HIJIKATA, Kazuo OHNO,
> and the avant-garde for over half a century. He usually wears a kimono and a
> Panama hat like a pre-WW2 dandy and might be the hippest old man you'll ever
> meet; (3) artist Takashi SHINOZAKI, whose gorgeous new book UTSUROBUNE
> (which means a boat hollowed out from a tree, with Buddhist connotations of
> "Empty Boat") has just come out, including his paintings, Hosoe's
> photographs, Yoshida's text (and my translations of Yoshida's text). The
> book is limited to 100 copies and costs about $600.


On June 21st at 2 p.m., Eikoh and Hollis will hold a conversation in the
Brown Auditorium. Tickets are free and available one hour before the


The exhibit officially opens the following day--June 22nd--but those
attending the conversation should be able to see the exhibit afterwards,
even if non-members, but those arrangements are pending and I'm not
associated with the museum, except as a member. The exhibit will continue
until September 14th, so if you can't make the conversation, you'll still
have plenty of time to catch the exhibit over the summer.
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