Ryu Rediscovered

Michael McCaskey mccaskem
Mon Jun 23 21:45:46 EDT 2008

For the Murakami Ryu fans on this list, I have by chance rediscovered Ryu's regular online "commentaries."

They used to be called Ryu gen hi go 龍言飛語, "Ryu's Remarks and Flying Phrases(?)," a play on the saying 流言蜚語 ryu gen hi go, meaning something like "random remarks and racy rumors. That rubric still appears briefly on the screen in big golden kanji at the start, but the show's regular name is now "RVR - Ryu's Video Report." It's up to date, and I just got to listen to today's somewhat rambling dialogue.

If you go to http://jp.msn.com/, you can replay 168 of them, including today's. These shows are like listening to Norman Mailer back in the day - though maybe not quite as well organized or carefully thought out.

This is a totally different "arc" from Ryu's weekly TV series, where he dresses carefully, looks good, has a prominent guest, and works with a highly articulate cohost.

The full URL to get to Ryu's "page" is very long and complex, but if you go to


and type in

RVR - Ryu's Video Report

you should get there. 


Michael McCaskey

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