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you can find basic information on the lecture/ interview series online at:

The information I sent around was a bit more detailed- apparently the series will cover the development of the entire genre, but will focus on the influence of jidaigeki novelist Ikenami Shoutarou. It will look at the different versions based on one book, as well as discuss the differences between jidaigeki novels (a major/main source for the genre) and their TV versions in general. 

Kasuga Taiichi in kanji is Kasuga as in the train station in Tokyo ("haru/spring" + "nichi/day"); Taiichi is made up of "futoi/thick" and "ichi/one".

His more historiographical work on the subject has especially been published in "Jidaigeki" magazine. 

For anyone interested in the genre, there is also the book "Jitsuroku Terebi Jidaigeki" by Nomura Youichi (Tokyo Shinbun Shuppan Kyoku).

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