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Michael McCaskey mccaskem
Wed Jun 4 17:13:55 EDT 2008

1) There's a substantial 2006 taidan book by Inoue Hisashi - 300 plus pages of dialogues, all about movies. 
Eiga o tazunete: Inoue Hisashi no taidan-shu
映画をたずねて―井上ひさし対談集 (ちくま文庫) 
文庫: 323ページ 
出版社: 筑摩書房 (2006/11) 
ISBN-10: 448042198X 
ISBN-13: 978-4480421982 
発売日: 2006/11 

2) A year or two ago I came across a regular weekly Murakami Ryu taidan transcription series via MSN Japan, when MSNJ had a news arrangement with Mainichi Shimbunsha. Since then, MSN Japan has switched over to a new news service deal with the Sankei Shimbun, and most of the former features with Mainichi have disappeared. What I saw before were transcripts of dialogues about society and current affairs between Murakami and a regular male interlocutor, which looked as if they were from TV shows - but some of them almost seemed pretty much like spoofs - in one show, for instance, Murakami said he had a hangover, and had the interlocutor lead the discussion. So I didn't follow the series regularly. Some shows were probably much better than others. The book below may possibly be a collection of these dialogues, but I'm not really sure of that.

村上 龍 (著), 伊藤 穰一 (著) 

単行本: 239ページ 出版社: ダイヤモンド社 (2006/5/26) ISBN-10: 4478942269 ISBN-13: 978-4478942260 

3) I believe Murakami now has a new regular TV show, where he and a female co-host interview and chat with public figures. I'm not sure about the level of discourse, but it looks as if it might be somewhat more promising than his earlier show series.


In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend the Inoue book. I'm not quite so sure about the Murakami resources - but they're likely to be amusing or droll, in any case.

Hope this may be partly helpful.

Michael McCaskey

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Subject: taidan histories

> Good morning,
> I'm wondering if anyone has ever read any good histories or 
> sketches  
> of the genre of the taidan. I'm sure many of you have your 
> favorite  
> taidan "highlights and lowlifes," as I do. And I read a piece a 
> while  
> back about Et? Jun and ?e Kenzabur? as taidan pioneers, in the 
> sense  
> of weighing in, as artistes, on public events and current affairs, 
> especially vis-a-vis cultural nationalism and what postwar 
> literature  
> should be or do. It would probably be too much to ask for 
> references  
> that describe the use of recording and documenting technologies 
> (e.g.  
> film and tape), their impact on print culture and the shapes it 
> takes  
> (such as taidans), but if anything of that general angle comes to  
> mind, I'd be especially interested in hearing about it.
> Thanks for any leads!
> Anne

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