[Fwd: Sad News]

Mark Nornes amnornes at umich.edu
Mon Sep 15 22:53:16 EDT 2008

This is, indeed, very sad news. I vividly remember the first time I  
met Keiko. To be specific, I don't remember the occasion—some rural  
conference back in the 1980s. We sat on a long shuttle bus ride  
through oak forests that had dropped all their leaves. It was a  
longish trip, and it wasn't but five minutes before we were talking  
about fishing and never stopped until we arrived at our destination.  
Ever since, she faithfully updated me about her latest trips and  
catches. I am shocked and depressed, but somehow feel....something,  
some word that I can't conjure.......that she finished her trip on  
this Earth doing the thing she loved more than anything else.


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