Zawa-zawa Shimokita-sawa

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It was apparently released on VHS according to the
comments on my blog:


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> Subject:Re: Ichikawa Jun (1948-2008)
> I've always assumed that the Ajinomoto
> advertisements included as a supplement to Tokyo
> Marigold were made by Ichikawa.  Was I right? (And
> does anyone know how long a period these ads were
> made over?)
> Other Jun Ichikawa questions
> Did Zawa-zawa Shimokita-sawa ever get released for
> home video (in any format)?  Same question for
> By将ヤin de shinu to iu koto.  Ditto for all the
> films prior to Tsugumi.
> Has anyone seen Haru, Barneys de? -- it seems to
> have a first rate cast.  How did this TV movie
> compare with his theatrical films?
> I'm holding my own retrospective in honor of
> Ichikawa, as best I can.  So far, I've re-watched
> Aogeba totoshi (why no Western showings at all!),
> Tokyo Marigold and Tokyo Yakyoku (shouldn't this be
> serenade rather than lullaby).  I am finding it a
> bit hard to watch these films without constantly
> remembering he is now gone.  Aogeba totoshi was
> especially hard to watch.
> Boston

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