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Tue Sep 16 00:36:57 EDT 2008

Very sad news about Keiko.
She was unique.. Brilliant in her own very special way... and absolutely
She'll be greatly missed by her students and her friends.
Peter Grilli
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Keiko McDonald
       Beloved colleague and friend, Keiko McDonald passed away Sunday
morning, September 14, 2008.  The day before, she was fishing with her
husband Charles at Yellow Creek.  She slipped, hit her head, and fell
into the water.  Keiko loved whatever she did.  She loved to write, to
teach, and to fish. 
                  Professor McDonald was a leading authority on Japanese
cinema.  The day before her accident, she finished guest editing a
volume for Postscript.  We will miss her.
Charles Shiro Inouye
Tufts University
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