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Sorry, but I, too, must chime in here.  Keiko was truly one-of-a-kind.  Not only a productive and important scholar, but a genuinely nice person..  She never spoke or wrote ill of anyone.  She went about her work with dedication and sincerity.  To say that she will be missed by all who knew her - slightly or well - is to recognize her unique contributions and legacy.

David Desser

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>   Dear All,
>   I will only repeat the sentiments of others, but
>   they warrant repetition. ?Keiko's passing is truly
>   a sad moment for us and for our field. ?I always
>   felt her infectious enthusiasm, her willingness to
>   cause trouble, and of course, those glasses! ?I can
>   remember her coming up to me after a conference talk
>   once, saying "I could see you agreeing with me."
>   ?She knew how to plant her love for her work in the
>   hearts of others.
>   Jonathan
>   On 15 Sep 2008, at 19:08, Inouye, Charles Shiro
>   wrote:
>     Keiko McDonald
>     ?
>     ????? ?Beloved colleague and friend, Keiko
>     McDonald passed away Sunday morning, September 14,
>     2008.? The day before, she was fishing with her
>     husband Charles at Yellow Creek..? She slipped,
>     hit her head, and fell into the water.? Keiko
>     loved whatever she did.? She loved to write, to
>     teach, and to fish.
>     ??????????????? ? Professor
>     McDonald was a leading authority on Japanese
>     cinema.? The day before her accident, she
>     finished guest editing a volume for Postscript.?
>     We will miss her.
>     ?
>     ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
>     Charles Shiro Inouye
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