Off Topic: Film Criticism in the Age of the Internet drainer
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 Not unless it falls into a specific genre (usually under cult) or appeals 
to some subculture (which in case is not an attempt at mass production), so 
I am tempted to agree with you.


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> One can perhaps say that the internet is a site for active discussion  of 
> film in Japan, but given how it has tended to be defined as  essentially a 
> consumerist, not a critical activity, I have not seen  the internet being 
> productive for film in Japan the way the Cineaste  people talk about in 
> the West, i.e., the generation of interest in  filmmakers/films that would 
> otherwise be ignored in the market or the  major media. Maybe I've missed 
> it, but can anyone think of the  release of any older or less recognized 
> Japanese filmmaker on DVD in  Japan because of internet buzz?
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