Toei tokusatsu DVDs drainer
Tue Sep 30 17:39:30 EDT 2008

 Feeling a bit nostalgic lately... is anyone familiar with ??????????? I watched this program when I was a kid, it's from 1985.

 If you aren't familiar with it, check out
 A search on revealed that multi volume DVD collections were released in 2003. No subtitles that I am aware of, or international release. 

 Actually this makes me wonder why Toei tokusatsu never secured a large share of the international market until the 1990s, upon the 'introduction' of Power Rangers to American audiences (which was not even a product of Toei, as they modified it to fit the market). (I am not a researcher in this area, and as far as I know, aside from the original Ultraman, tokusatsu has not had any significant overseas success in countries other than Brazil and France until the 1990s. So maybe this is a point of inquiry -- why the success in these two countries? Most of the 'golden age' tokusatsu aired there during the 1980s, you could argue that the Japanese expatriate population in Brazil affected popular culture, but I think this is a limited argument, given the overwhelming success of these series, without any post production alterations.)



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