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Gavin zian25
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Hi Beat,
            My festival just ended (http://sfs.org.sg/jff2008). We did screen 3 16mm films from JF. The rest were in 35mm. I have to say the 16mm print for Love Letter was the worst I have seen. I doubt it will get a new print, so I guess it's one of those who should get transferred to DVD for preservation purposes.

            Yes, 16mm projection is also rare here and we had to grab it off another location and hire a projectionist for it.
             Adding to the other comments so far, I would say the cultural section of the Japanese Consulate, together with the JF local office (if it exists) are a great combination in getting the required prints or checking on its availability.


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As many of you know, the Japan Foundation has a catalogue of films which are shown by or in collaboration with Japanese consulates and embassies in several countries. The list of french-subtitled movies alone contains some 170 titles, of which some are of average interest, but there are also very good ones among them. This and the fact that admission is free makes up for the 16mm format and the poor quality of certain older prints and subtitles, and at the semiannual screenings in Geneva and Lausanne, we have up to 300 people attending each time. However, we now face problems due to the 16mm format, because less and less places are equipped with the respective projectors. 

Does anyone know if there are plans to transfer the catalogue (or part of it) to other formats, mainly DVD? Would this involve right issues with the original production/distribution companies? Or are there plans to start a new collection alltogether which would serve the same purpose? Since these screenings are still much appreciated in many places, it would surprise me that the Japanese government would renounce on such a marketing tool. On the other hand, the investments into the catalogue seem to have been minimal during the last two decades.

Thanks in advance for every feedback. And apologies in case this has already been discussed on the list; I couldn't follow up on a regular basis these last weeks.


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