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Welcome, Jason,
Was it Aaron or Markus who offered you a drink to ask this question ?  Make sure you order a rare sake!
The last page of the website chapter in their 'Research Guide', p162, lists four sites for listings, including
You can navigate from this, although it looks like the address is now
Personally,this spring, I never ventured beyond the Jimbóchó theatre.  One time I had unwittingly dropped my shiatsu appointment card near the box office.  A staffmember waited to return it personally at the top of the stairs after the film.  How nice is that ?!
But I mustn't muff my extra's line: 'It's the final week in Michigan's summer sale'.

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One of the catalysts behind me joining this listserv is a request asked by one of my bosses here at YIDFF. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites that list film screenings or film information in Tokyo? Thanks so much! 


Jason Krigsfeld

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