Volunteer translators needed

fujioka asako asakof at tkd.att.ne.jp
Wed Aug 12 03:19:58 EDT 2009

The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival is looking for two
volunteer translators for the festival period of Oct 8 to 15, to translate
Japanese to English for our Festival Daily Bulletin. It$B!G(Bs a daily newspaper
that reports events and interviews throughout the festival. It$B!G(Bs unique as
it is run (reporters, photographers, editors) completely by volunteers,
amateurs in journalism but professionals in passion.
As it is bilingual, we are always in need of translators, English language
writers, and editors. We can offer (a measley) 50,000 yen for your
participation, which will only barely cover bullet train to Yamagata and
dormitory (sorry).
Every day there will be 500 yen food tickets distributed twice daily for
your meals. Sound like Kanikosen? Well, it is a lot of work but also lots of
fun. We are looking for two English language translators to work in shifts,
so you can enjoy the festival too.
Please write or call if you are interested.

YIDFF Tokyo Office

TEL 03-5362-0672 / FAX 03-5362-0670
EMAIL fujioka at tokyo.yidff.jp

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