Looking for a Imamura Shohei film on DVD

Jonathan M Hall jmhall at uci.edu
Fri Aug 7 18:40:13 EDT 2009

Dear Kerry,

You might contact Bill Mihalopoulos of Western Michigan University,  
who has written a very interesting essay on Imamura that is  
especially useful for its historian's perspective and who has worked  
specificallyon Nippono Sengo-shi, to inquire how he got hold of a print.

The reference is:

"Becoming Insects: Imamura Shoehei and the Entomology of Modernity,"  
in Seven Saaler and Wolfgang Schwentker (eds.), The Power of Memory  
in Modern Japan (Kent: Global Oriental, Ltd., 2008), 277-90.

I've cc'd Bill in this email.

With best wishes,
Jonathan M Hall

On 8 Aug 2009, at 01:56, Kerry Ross wrote:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone on the list knows how to obtain a copy of  
> Imamura Shohei$B!G(Bs documentary History of Postwar Japan as Told  
> by a Bar Hostess ($B$K$C$]$s at o8e;K!!%^%@%`$*$s$\$m$N at 83h(B, Nippon  
> Sengoshi - Madamu onboro no Seikatsu) to view in a class? WorldCat  
> informs me that $B!H(BOnly 1 library in France owns it.  Also,  
> it's in SECAM, a video format that will not play on American NTSC  
> VHS machines.$B!I(B
> Thank you,
> Kerry Ross
> Kerry Ross, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor
> Department of History, SAC 434
> DePaul University
> 2320 North Kenmore Avenue
> Chicago, IL 60614-3250
> 773.325.8216

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