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Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 3 06:12:17 EDT 2009

Hi Eija,

There's no need to contact Wakamatsu about this. There is a European sales agent for this now, Dissidenz Films in Paris, so if you contact Bich-Quan Tran there, you'll get an answer a lot quicker (and Wakamatsu will only redirect you to them anyway).
Write to bqtran at dissidenz-intl.com.


Midnight Eye

> Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 13:00:18 +0900
> From: eija.niskanen at gmail.com
> To: KineJapan at lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
> Subject: Wakamatsu Koji contact
> Dear all, I would like to contact Wakamatsu Koji relating to the
> screening of United Red Army in Finland. Would anybody have contacts
> to send me off-list eija.niskanen at gmail.com? The film print has
> already been secured.
> Eija

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