Aoyama Shinji's (anti)emperor collage-film

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Dear Aaron and Anne,

Thank you for your responses and clarifications. I had
misunderstood the reference to Bigakko as being the
independent art school in Jinbocho (,
which opened in 1969 and included a number of well known
artists, such as Kikuhata Mokuma, Akasegawa Genpei and
Nakamura Hiroshi among its instructors. My mistake!

Thanks again

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>> It's fascinating that Aoyama was a student at Bigakko. I've
>> been interested in this school for a couple of years, but I
>> never realized it had connections to film too. Do you know who
>> Aoyama's teacher was there? Are there any other
>> directors/technicians etc. who went there?
>No, Aoyama was (and sometimes still is) a teacher there. Many  
>instructors have made films there with their students. There
are a  
>lot of people in the Rikkyo/Athenee/Hasumi/Eurospace crowd
that teach  
>there, including Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Shinozaki Makoto, Manda
>Zeze Takahisa, etc. Many simply transferred to Tokyo Geidai
when they  
>started the masters program there (or teach at both places).
>Since Bigakko only started about 10 years ago, there are
still not  
>too many well-known graduates out there. But here is a list of  
>graduation works:
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