Aoyama Shinji's (anti)emperor collage-film

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> It's fascinating that Aoyama was a student at Bigakko. I've
> been interested in this school for a couple of years, but I
> never realized it had connections to film too. Do you know who
> Aoyama's teacher was there? Are there any other
> directors/technicians etc. who went there?

No, Aoyama was (and sometimes still is) a teacher there. Many  
instructors have made films there with their students. There are a  
lot of people in the Rikkyo/Athenee/Hasumi/Eurospace crowd that teach  
there, including Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Shinozaki Makoto, Manda Kunitoshi,
Zeze Takahisa, etc. Many simply transferred to Tokyo Geidai when they  
started the masters program there (or teach at both places).

Since Bigakko only started about 10 years ago, there are still not  
too many well-known graduates out there. But here is a list of  
graduation works:

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